Blocs Extensions

Blocs Weather Extension Screenshot

Blocs Weather Extention

Want to add the weather for the latest weather information to your blocs site? Then this is the extension that your need. With this extension you can add weather from any location around the world onto your blocs site and edit it however you like to fit the style of your site. 

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Blocs Countdown Extension Screenshot

Blocs Countdown Extention

This extension allows you to set a time that you want the website to countdown do. It’s super simple to use and allows you to pick a year, month, day, hour and minute to allow for an incredible accurate timer. Use class countdownStyle to edit the appearance.

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Blocs Quote Of The Day Screenshot

Blocs Quote Of The Day Extention

Want to display a different quote each day for 365 days a year then this is the extension for you. You can edit the classes with the classes mainquote and authorquote.

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